Adeyinka Adewale

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'I chose Henley because of its reputation, the fact that it had a wide reach of alumni and because responses to enquiries prior to my arrival were quite impressive and timely.

One of the most outstanding features of my Henley experience was the interaction I had with students from so many countries, from which I learned a lot. The learning atmosphere created is conducive in facilitating both individual and community learning. The tutorials and groups assignments are particularly good for developing relationships among students from diverse backgrounds.

The quality of faculty is also very impressive as each is renowned in their various field and the support has been nothing short of fantastic.

My expectations exceeded and I have acquired a lot of new skills that will hopefully take me very far in my chosen career. Henley is indeed a very special school. I will recommend this programme to others and I have in fact influenced the decisions of a couple of friends who are now Henley bound next year.'