Alex Brant (Shuai Shi)

PHD Student

Alex Brant (Shuai Shi)

Alex Brant (Shuai Shi)

Academic Area(s): Real Estate & Planning
Supervisor(s): Professor Kathy Pain, Professor Anupam Nanda
Research Topic(s): The development of city-regions under globalization and inter-city network construction in China

Areas of academic interest

Urban Economics and Globalization; City-region Analysis; Inter-City Network


City-regions have been the motor of global economy. Cities are space full of flows rather than buildings. How to manage urban flows will be the critical determinant for the future of cities. My research focuses on city-region development and cities’ network construction under globalization in order to shed light on the underlying mechanism of urban activities in China and make feasible urban policy recommendations.


  • BSc in Finance, Inner Mongolia University, China
  • BSc in Public Administration, Inner Mongolia University, China
  • MSc in Urban Management, Erasmus University of Rotterdam, Netherlands