Anna De Amicis

PHD Student

Anna De Amicis

Anna De Amicis

Academic Area(s): Leadership, Organisations & Behaviour
Supervisor(s): Dr Lebene Soga
Research Topic(s): Evaluating enablers, practices and impact of boundary spanners in the art sector

Areas of Interest

Anna is a doctoral researcher and PhD scholarship holder at Henley Business School. Her research is at the intersection of the business sector and the art field. She investigates the nature and role of those professionals, the boundary spanners, who encourage interactions between entities that don't normally mix and who are able to establish temporary uncommon partnership so as to deliver valuable art projects.

The study contributes to deepen the understanding of the 'dynamics' of boundary spanners' operations in the field of cultural productions. Studies on boundary spanners have been covering so far different areas (i.e. knowledge exchange, organisational behaviour) and organisations (i.e. health services, governmental services in Paul Williams) but there is a dearth of research within the art sector. On the practical side, the research contributes to foster resilience among art practitioners by demonstrating the relevance of 'opening up' to partners outside the cultural field; there is a current shortage of funding and exploring opportunities for inter-organisational collaborative working is much needed.

Research Interests:

Strategies of cultural productions, disruptive practices, networking theories, cultural labour, socially engaged art


MA 'Arts and Cultural Enterprises', Central Saint Martin – UAL, London

MSc 'Evaluation and Development of Human Resources', Univesity of Padua (Italy)

BA in Organisational Psychology, University of Urbino (Italy)

Chartered Psychologist (Italian Psychologist Association)

Conferences and Publications

Creative Lenses - Final Conference - Helsinki, 2019

Westminster Pedagogy – Making a Difference L&T Symposium, London 2018

Creative Lenses - Forum 1 - 'Innovative Business Models in the Arts', London, 2017

Reading Vibrant Economy Live Lab, Reading, 2016