Basel Khashab

PHD Student

Basel Khashab

Basel Khashab

Academic Area(s): Business Informatics, Systems & Accounting
Supervisor(s): Dr Stephen Gulliver, Dr Vaughan Michell
Research Topic(s): Customer Relationship Management Framework supporting pre-implementation activities in UK Higher Education Institutions (UKHEIs)
+44 (0)7720 316 198

Areas of Interest

  • Customer Relationships Management (CRM)
  • Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP)
  • Management Information Systems(MIS)
  • Higher education technologies


  • Conferennce Papers

    Khashab. B and Gulliver, S.R. and Michell, V. (2013). Towards Developing a Customer Relationship Management (CRM)Strategy for supporting pre implementation Activities in Business. ICISO, Stockholm.

    Khashab, B., Gulliver, S. R., Alsoud, A. and Kyritsis, M. (2014). Scoping Customer Relationship Management Strategy in HEI: Understanding Steps towards Alignment of Customer and Management Needs.


    Khashab, B., Joshi, U., and Gulliver, S. R. 2014. Customer Strategy Definition in Elderly Care: Understanding Customer-focused care expectation and Managing Resource Allocation, in Vaughan Michell, V., Rosenorn-Lanng, D. J. Gulliver, S. R and Currie, W. Handbook of Research on Patient Safety and Quality Care through Health Informatics. IGI Global, USA , 276-295.

    Khashab, B. 2011.The Role Of Information Technology In The Innovation Process: A Field Study Of Private Banks In Syria. Lambert Academic Publishing.


  • Master of Business Computing, Hertfordshire University, UK (2010)
  • BSc in Business Administration, Aleppo University, Syria (2006)