Bohan Tian

PHD Student

Bohan Tian

Bohan Tian

Academic Area(s): Business Informatics, Systems & Accounting
Supervisor(s): Professor Kecheng Liu
+44 (0) 118 378 4277


PhD student

Areas of Interest

Building Information Building, Building energy management, Construction management, Building automation system.


Tian, B., Liu, K. 2014. Service Oriented Approach to Facility Management Using Extended Building Information Modelling, ICCREM 2014.

Tian, B. (2013). A Semiotic Framework for Information Representation of Energy Consumption in Office Buildings. Paper presented at the proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Construction and Real estate Management.



MSc of Construction Management, University of Reading, UK
BSc of Architecture, Beijing University of Technology, China