Clifford Derrick

Clifford Derrick IMS



“The world we currently live in is a world of diminishing returns and limited budgets. Through a Henley Ambassador’s Scholarship that partially covered my tuition, I was able to join one of the most prestigious business schools in the world and tap into my talent and ability to be a top drawer business analyst. The tutors demonstrated excellent knowledge in the information management and systems field and showed us the skills that made a difference in today’s dynamic business environment.I gained useful insights in the information management and systems field through theories and practice.
I learned how to critically analyse from different perspectives before coming to a final decision. The program gave me new conversation topics and also provided credentials to fully venture into my career of choice while also having the option to consider venturing into a different path altogether. Furthermore, the field trips to companies in the Thames Valley area (Dell and Oracle) provided an unexpected break from my busy schedule and for this wonderful experience, I am truly grateful to the Henley Business School and University of Reading fraternity.”
Clifford Derrick Osedo, Business Strategy Analyst, Liquid Telecom, Kenya