Danielle Sanderson

PHD Student

Danielle Sanderson

Danielle Sanderson

Academic Area(s): Real Estate & Planning
Research Topic(s): Investigating the Return on Investment in Customer Service for Commercial Real Estate

Areas of academic interest

Commercial Real Estate; Occupier Satisfaction; Econometrics


Danielle read physics at Oxford University and worked in Operational Research before becoming a lecturer in the training department of a multinational computer consultancy. She combined this with competing as an International Athlete and bringing up three children. (Danielle has represented Great Britain more than 20 times at distances from 5km to 100km). In 2004 Danielle started doing GCSE and A Level tutoring and real estate consultancy for Real Service Ltd and Real Service Best Practice Group. Whilst working at Real Service, Danielle conducted studies into the satisfaction of occupiers of commercial property and wrote many reports for landlords and managing agents. She led focus groups and workshops and was a verifier for the Real Service Best Practice Group’s “Best Practice Index”.

Research Grants

Danielle’s PhD is sponsored by Real Service Ltd, Real Service Best Practice Group and the Lord Samuel of Wych Cross Memorial Trust.


Sanderson, D. (2014) Treating the Tenant as a Customer: can good service improve real estate performance? Working Papers in Real Estate & Planning. 04/14. Working Paper. University of Reading, Reading. pp54.

Sanderson, D. and Edwards, V. (2014) What Tenants Want: UK occupiers’ requirements when renting commercial property and strategic implications for landlords. Working Papers in Real Estate & Planning. 03/14. Working Paper. University of Reading, Reading. pp27.

Morgan, H., Purchase, H., Flatto, S., & Sanderson, D. C. (2012). Creating Outstanding Customer Experience in Shopping Centres: A Best Practice Guide. 

Morgan, H., & Sanderson, D. C. (2009). Mall Commercialisation: an introductory guide for retailers and property professionals.

Danielle has also written blogs for the Real Service website, such as:

Sanderson, D.C. (2012). Olympic Volunteers and Customer Service. 

For many years Danielle wrote a regular column for an athletics magazine and has written chapters for a computing textbook. She also researched the physiological effects of running through her pregnancy in a case study published by The Lancet:

Bailey, D.M., Davies, B., Budgett, R., Sanderson, D.C. and Griffin, D. Endurance training during a twin pregnancy in a marathon runner. Lancet1998; 351: 1182-1183