Dexter Du

PHD Student

Dexter Du

Dexter Du

Academic Area(s): Real Estate & Planning
Supervisor(s): Dr Richard Nunes, Dr Jorn van de Wetering
Research Topic(s): The role of property in the politics of urban experimentation

Areas of academic interest

Urban planning; land governance; socio-technical transition


Dexter graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering in Urban Planning from Peking University, from which he also gained a Bachelor of Science in Psychology in the meantime. He then obtained a Research Master of Science in Regional Studies from the University of Groningen. His primary research interest lies in the field of urban governance and its linkage to land, property and real estate.

Dexter builds his PhD research on the academic literature about urban experimentation which is considered potential for fostering innovative approaches to planning and governance. With the background in planning and geography, Dexter is keen on understanding the subtle role of land in this urban experimentation process, which also benefits from his interdisciplinary reading including studies in politics and social psychology. Through investigating empirical cases in the UK, Dexter’s thesis aims at contributing to the academic reflection on the currently so-promised social transition towards sustainable urban future.


  • B.Eng “Urban Planning”, Peking University, China (2013);
  • BSc “Psychology”, Peking University, China (2013);
  • MSc (research) “Regional Studies”, University of Groningen, the Netherlands (2015)

Research grants

PhD Scholarship Real Estate and Planning, Henley Business School, University of Reading, UK

Scholarship for Master Study at the University of Groningen, Erasmus Mundus Programme: Lotus III, European Union (2013-2015)

Grant from INOGOV for participating in the workshop “Climate Governance Innovation”, Heidelberg, Germany (2017)

Grant from Newton Fund for participating in the workshop “China-UK Sustainable Urban Infrastructure”, London, UK (2016)

Grant from the Department of REP for participating in AsRES Annual Conference, Incheon, South Korea (2018)

Grant from the Department of REP for participating in AESOP Annual Congress, Lisbon, Portugal (2017)

Grant from the Scheme of Research Projects by Undergraduate Students, Peking University, China (2011)


Award for Excellence in Social Work, Peking University, China (2011)