Dr David Ewers

Subject Area Leader for Managing Financial Resources

Dr David Ewers

Dr David Ewers

Subject Area Leader for Corporate Finance and Governance
Associate Director Centre for Governance, Accountability and Responsible Investment
Business Informatics, Systems and Accounting
Subject Expertise: Finance
Specific Industry Expertise: Finance, Oil, Football, Professional Services
Geographical Expertise: Europe, Asia, ASEAN
Engine House Room 522, Greenlands campus
+44 (0) 1491 418873
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Dr David Ewers is an experienced educationalist and international faculty, consultant and trainer in the academic and corporate environments. Throughout his career he has provided a wide range of excellent experience of delivering to a wide range of groups and all level of experience, age and background in a range of multi-cultural and national groups. Specialising in accounting, finance, strategy and international business, he has a proven record of flexibility in terms of delivery mechanisms and teaching styles, having considerable experience in both face-to-face and electronically mediated learning and support. His post doctoral research and interests continue to be in the director remuneration and managerial pay schemes that are linked to performance, incentive and bonus. This has provided the source of academic papers and conference lectures to develop an international dimension to this research work.


Corporate Governance 
Director Education 
Manager Pay-Performance
Alignment Policies 



KAEFER, Deloitte CFO Programme, Deutsche Telekom, IBM UK and EMEA