Professor Liang Han

Professor in Accounting and Finance

Professor Liang Han

Professor Liang Han

Director of Henley DBA
Co-Director of Postgraduate Research Studies (Accounting and Financial Management)
260, Edith Morley, Whiteknights / 520 Engine Hours Greenlands
+44 (0) 118 378 5831 (Whiteknights) / +44 (0) 149 141 8871 (Greenlands)


Professor Liang Han joined Henley Business School in 2015 and is currently the Director of Henley DBA and Co-Director of PhD programme for Accounting and Financial Management. He has taken academic positions as a Reader in Financial Management at University of Surrey, a Lecturer and Senior Lecturer in Accounting and Finance at University of Hull and Research Fellow at the Business School, University of Wisconsin-Madison. Liang gained a PhD from University of Warwick and has research interests in the areas of entrepreneurial finance, corporate finance, banking market and entrepreneurship. Liang has been actively involved in some major research projects in UK and China, such as the Survey of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises Finance, funded by Bank of England. Liang is also a consulting editor for International Small Business Journal and an external examiner for various programmes delivered in UK and overseas. Liang has been appointed as visiting professor by three universities.

Programme Delivery

  • Financial Management (PG)
  • Business Finance (UG)
  • Accounting and Finance Projects (PG)
  • Managing Financial Resources (MBA)


Journal papers:

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Book Chapter:

  • Han, L., Tian.,L., and Mi, B. 2020, ‘Chapter 14: Information Asymmetries and Entrepreneurial Finance: Evidence from Theories and Empirics’, in Saridaskis, G. and Cowling, M., Handbook of Quantitative Research Methods in Entrepreneurship, Edward Elgar.
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Research Supervision

Professor Liang Han supervises PhD projects in the area of entrepreneurial finance and banking market structure.