Dr Maksim Belitski

Associate Professor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Dr Maksim Belitski

Dr Maksim Belitski

Associate Editor of Electronic Commerce Research and Applications Journal
Associate Editor of Small Business Economic Journal
Research Fellow: Institute for Development Strategies, Indiana University Bloomington
Co-founder of the Digital Leadership Forum at Henley
Fellow of HEA
Leadership, Organisations and Behaviour
By Area: Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Creativity; Spillovers, Applied microeconomics; Urban economics and development, Entrepreneurial ecosystems; Financing Entrepreneurship; Innovation; Market entry and the leadership needs of top decision-makers and professional leaders at SMEs
By Geography: The UK, Europe, transition economics
Edith Morley building room 264, Whiteknights campus
0118 378 6231


Maksim Belitski joined the Henley Centre for Entrepreneurship (HCfE) in January 2014 as a Lecturer. Prior to joining Henley, Maksim was a Research Fellow at the Institute for Development Strategies, Indiana University Bloomington (US) and a Contract Professor of Econometrics at the University of Bolzano (Italy). Previously he has held appointments at Loughborough University, University College London (UK), University of Leicester, University of Economics Bratislava, Belarusian State University. During over eight years on the faculty he has taught courses on Entrepreneurship, managerial economics, research methods, quantitative methods for business and finance, econometrics at both undergrad and graduate levels. He holds a PhD in Applied Economics from the University of Leicester, UK, and another PhD in Economics from the University of Milan, Italy. He is a 'Trusted' researcher of the Secure Data Service, UK Data Archive and Virtual Micro-data Lab, Office of National Statistics, UK.

His research interests lie in the area of Entrepreneurship, innovation and regional economics, with a particular focus on Entrepreneurship as a spillover of knowledge and creativity.

Programme Delivery

Teaching on MSc and undergraduate programmes. Module convenor for Innovation and Market Entry; Financing for Entrepreneurship; Financing for Entrepreneurship in Creative Industries; Entrepreneurship for Food Sciences.



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The research develops the theoretical framework of a complementarity perspective of entrepreneurship ecosystem taxonomy to understanding how entrepreneurship ecosystem of different types can successfully develop and contribute to regional development.

The project reveals how emerging market entrepreneurship ecosystems which lack several elements may still be successful in supporting entrepreneurship using the example of regional cities in the UK and overseas.

International outreach aims to create an entrepreneurship platform in Ukraine to develop new programmes and support the development of new entrepreneurial skills. A continuous engagement of students, graduates and young entrepreneurs across the variety of entrepreneurship courses and extra-curriculum activities with external stakeholders on science, arts, and knowledge commercialisation will be delivered in Ukraine over 2018-2019.

Belitski, M (2015). Interview to BusinessBecause seb Murray – Business Schools Help Form UK Start-Up Hubs Beyond London available at:


Belitski, M (2014). In Husing, Y, Fonstad, N et. al. e-Leadership Skills for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (LEAD). Synthesis Report. Service contract for the European Commission, DG Enterprise and Industry – Unit ENTR-E4 - Key Enabling Technologies and Digital Economy. Tender No. 288/PP/ENT/CIP/13/C/N01C012

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Audretsch, D., Belitski, M. & Desai, S. (2014) Multidimensional Business Environment and Entrepreneurship in European Cities. Highlights from the Doing Business research conference. World Business doing business report 2014.

Link: http://www.doingbusiness.org/special-features/conference/~/media/GIAWB/Doing%20Business/Documents/Miscellaneous/Conference2014/S7-2.pdf


October 2018-July 2019. Ukraine Creative Spark. Sponsor UK Central Government, British Council Creative Spark Partnership Fund No EV16041W jointly with Kyiv National Economic University, Ukraine and Max Plank University of Jena, Germany. £47,470.

September 2018-September 2019. From Greater Reading to Greater Istanbul. The Newton Mobility Grants 2018-19 with Pinar Buyukbaci, Yildiz Technical University, Turkey. The British Academy award NMGR1180259 for University of Reading. £10,000.

2017-2018: Knowledge frontiers and boundaries for the New UK. Principal Investigator. British Academy “Tackling the UK's International Challenges” £31,606.00 with Indiana University (USA) and University of Parthenope (Italy).

2016-2017: Entrepreneurship ecosystem leadership. Principal Investigator and co-organisor. British Council, Researcher Links Workshop Grant No 261530715 (£29,050) with Atilim University and Technopark Ankara, Turkey.

2016 Leadership 4.0: Building e-competences for business success. Grant to host ESRC Festival of Social Science 2016 event (ref: 8493917).

2014-2015: E-Leadership strategies for SMEs: driving innovation and competitive edge in digital integration, EU Project, Lead Interviewer.

2013–2014: External and Internal Benefits from Investments in Skills & Training FOR Innovative Activities (Ref. BIS/RBU/002/2012). Principal Investigator. Sponsors: Department of Business, Innovation and Skills, UK Government, (Award value: £63,577)