Dr Markos Akrivos Kyritsis

Lecturer of Informatics

Dr Markos Akrivos Kyritsis

Dr Markos Akrivos Kyritsis

BISA Departmental Ethics Officer
BISA Research Ethics Officer
By Area: Cognitive Science, Human Computer Interaction, Eye Tracking, Data Analytics
LG12, Henley Business School, Whiteknights
+44 (0) 118 378 6540


Markos Kyritsis received a BSc (1st class Hons) in Computer Science, an MSc (Distinction) in Cognitive Neuroscience, and a PhD that addressed Spatial Knowledge Acquisition from Virtual Environments. Markos spent time working as a software developer and project manager, before migrating to academia in 2009. Since then he’s worked in small and large departments in Greece and the Middle East, before finally moving to BISA as a lecturer of informatics. Due to his interdisciplinary background, Markos has a fairly diverse publication history in areas such as Cognitive Science and Psychology, Human Computer Interaction, and Business.

Programme Delivery

Module Convenor and Lecturer for MM398 – Technology Advising Practices

Module Convenor and Lecturer for INMR95 - Business Data Analytics (MSc)


Dr. Kyritsis is a member of several research teams spanning a fairly wide range of disciplines. He spends most of his time investigating and modelling human behaviour in Euclidean optimisation problems such as the Travelling Salesperson Problem, which in turn results in the creation of heuristics that can support firms engaged in pickup and delivery problems. Current research engagements involve: investigating spatial judgement tasks in optimisation problems; investigating entrepreneurial orientation in emerging markets; and evaluating inexpensive eye tracking devices for usability studies.