Dr Rehan ul-Haq

Visiting Fellow

Dr Rehan ul-Haq

Dr Rehan ul-Haq

International Business and Strategy
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By area: Alliances in Banking, Strategic Management in Banking, Management Consultancy, Private-Public Alliances, Nationally Important Strategic Infrastructure, Development Corporations.

By industry: Banking, Infrastructure, Development.

By geography: UK, Europe, Japan.

Dr Rehan ul-Haq was appointed a Visiting Fellow at Henley Business School in 2014. He mentors/supervises research associates reading for the Henley MSc/DBA (Doctorate in Business Administration) and is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy York and a Fellow of the Institute of Directors London.

Dr Rehan ul-Haq uses his intellect and skills, often in alliances, to consider complex conundrums to craft pragmatic and practical solutions that make a difference.

Dr Rehan ul-Haq is Founder Chairman & CEO of a Private-Public Alliance enabling a development corporation to deliver 31,000 houses in SE England, 37 minutes by High Speed Rail from central London and campaigned for nationally important strategic infrastructure which is now being delivered by Highways England (SE) and fully funded by HM Treasury. Dr. ul-Haq has experience as a corporate lending banker (Trusted Advisor) in the City of London, and at a number of research and teaching roles at Universities.

Dr ul-Haq has consulted in strategy and alliances to a number of organizations including advising the UAE and Uzbekistan Government. Major engagements include:

Advice to the UAE Government, on a United Nations consultancy contract, regarding the impact of the UAE joining the World Trade Organization on the UAE Banking, Insurance and Business Services Sector;

Advice, at the invitation of the Central Bank of Uzbekistan, to the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Education, Government of Uzbekistan, on establishing a new University in Tashkent, a STG 5 Million project.

Formerly Visiting Professor at ESCEM Grandes Ecole in Tours, France. Dr. ul-Haq was a Director of a Research Centre, taught Strategic Management of Financial Institutions, MBA-Global Banking and Finance and Chaired the MBA-GBF Speakers Series at the University of Birmingham. Dr. ul-Haq has had three research books and over 60 academic articles published, has consulted for the United Nations Group and previously held an ESRC Fellowship.

Dr ul-Haq’s major research contribution is ‘Alliances and Co-Evolution: Insights from the Banking Sector’ where he, building on the foundational work of Professor Ronald Coase, details Strategic Alliances and develops an understanding of the alternative form, Infrastructure Alliances. And further, Dr ul-Haq suggests a framework to analyze the co-evolution of strategic intents in multi-party past alliances and predict and manage this co-evolution in future alliances.

Lord Harris of High Cross, President of the Institute of Economic Affairs and a Cross Bench Member of the House of Lords, wrote of ‘Alliances & Co-Evolution’ that ‘In this extremely well presented research monograph, Dr ul-Haq generously shares... an exciting presentation of the unsuspected ways that Adam Smith’s apparently simple precept of the division of labour leads on to varied and intricate patterns of collaboration between otherwise independent companies.’

Henley DBA: /level/postgraduate-research/#pgr-dba

Key Qualifications:

Key Qualifications: BEd (Exeter), MBA (Henley), PhD (Loughborough), FHEA, FIoD

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Academic Material

Dr Rehan ul-Haq Books

European Alliance Lifecycles

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Co-Evolution in Alliances Framework

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Selected Papers

ul-Haq, R., Balkanisation of Banking Damages International Trade and UK GDP, The European Financial Review, December 2013- January 2014.

Howcroft, J.B., ul-Haq, R., Carr, C., An Examination of Cross Border Strategies in Banking, The Services Industry Journal, October 2011.

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ul-Haq, R., Howcroft, B., An Examination of Strategic Alliances and the Origins of International Banking in Europe, International Journal of Service Industry Management, 2007.