Dr Rodrigo Perez-Vega

Lecturer in Marketing

Dr Rodrigo Perez-Vega

Dr Rodrigo Perez-Vega

Marketing & Reputation
Digital Marketing
Whiteknights Campus
+44 (0) 118 378 8381
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Rodrigo is a Lecturer in Marketing at Henley Business School. His research interests are in digital marketing, online consumer behaviour, social media marketing, social CRM, and applications of AI to marketing.

Rodrigo holds a PhD in Management, where he looked at the role of immediacy as a determinant of Facebook fan page engagement. He also holds a Master of Research, an MSc. in Strategic Project Management and a BA (Hons) in Marketing. Rodrigo has been invited to deliver workshops and conferences at the SME World Summit and the Social Media Summit. He actively engages with industry in the UK, UAE and Mexico for his research projects and he was awarded best literature review at the Doctoral Colloquium of the Academy of Marketing in 2014.

Rodrigo co-authored the book “Essentials of Digital Marketing”. The book provides an engaging introduction to digital marketing to help students and marketing professionals understand the impact of digital channels on marketing operations.

Rodrigo’s professional experience is in brand management and digital marketing. He has worked for multinationals in FMCG industries and digital marketing agencies. He has work experience in several South American countries, the UK, France, Spain and the Middle East.

PhD Students

Niloofar Borghei Razavi (current). Research Topic: The organisational antecedents, moderators, and outcomes of customer’s negatively-valenced engagement in the healthcare context.

Alex Scher-Smith (current). Research Topic: An Investigation Into The Dark Side And Emotions Of Service Failure Within The Airline Industry Through The Medium Of Social Media.


Perez-Vega, R., Taheri, B., Farrington, T. & O’Gorman, K. (2018). On being attractive, social and visually appealing in social media: The effects of anthropomorphic tourism brands on Facebook fan pages. Tourism Management, 66, 339-347.

Perez-Vega, R., Waite, K. & O’Gorman, K. (2016) Social Impact Theory: an examination of how immediacy operates as an influence upon social media interaction in Facebook Fan pages. The Marketing Review, 16, 4.


Waite, K. and Perez-Vega, R. (2018). Essentials of Digital Marketing. Woodeaton: Goodfellow Publishers

Book Chapters

Waite, K. & Perez-Vega, R. (2017) Digital media and marketing interactivity. In: G. Bell & B. Taheri (eds) Marketing Communications. Woodeaton: Godfellow Publishers.

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Practitioners' publications

Leland, I. & Perez-Vega, R. (2017) Tips on developing a mobile app for your business. Intelligent SME, February: 46–49.

Perez-Vega, R. (2017) Blue Monday, fact, fiction or purely marketing opportunity. Henley News: 16 January.

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Perez-Vega, R. (2016) Social Influence Marketing Boosts Your Business. Intelligent SME, August: 36–37.

Perez-Vega, R. & Hopkinson, P. (2016) Building customer relationships one tweet at a time. Intelligent SME, April: 42–43.

Conference presentation

  • Miguel, C. and Perez-Vega, R. (2019). A comparative analysis of Airbnb in London and Barcelona: The ethnographic research process and its discontents in Penny Travlou and Luigina Ciolfi (Eds.). Ethnographies of Collaborative Economies Conference Proceedings. University of Edinburgh, 25 October 2019 – Edinburgh, United Kingdom.
  • Perez-Vega, R., Hopkinson, P., Singhal, A., Waite, K. (2019). Relationship Intelligence: Affordance of AI in Practice, 22nd AMS World Marketing Congress, 9-12 July 2019 – Edinburgh, United Kingdom.
  • Miguel, M. and Perez-Vega, R. (2019). A multiple stakeholder analysis of the impact of Airbnb in London and Barcelona, The 6th International Workshop on the Sharing Economy. University of Utrech, 28 and 29 June 2019 - The Netherlands.
  • Borghei Razavi, N. Lages, C. R., Perez-Vega (2018). Antecedents and Boundary Conditions of Negatively Valenced Customer Engagement (Naples Forum on Service, 2019).
  • Borghei Razavi, N., Lages, C. R., Perez-Vega, R. (2018). Negatively valenced customer engagement in the healthcare context: The construct, antecedents, and moderators (SERVSIG conference, 2018).
  • Borghei Razavi, N., Lages, C. R., Perez-Vega, R. (2018). It is not the organisation, it’s their customers: The impact of customer aggression on other customer’s perception of organisation’s image (LaLonde conference, 2018).
  • Borghei Razavi, N. Lages, C. R., Perez-Vega (2018). The Role of Customer-Perceived Service Climate and Customer’s (dis)Identification in Emergence of Negatively-Valenced Customer Engagement (Frontiers conference, 2018).
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