Dr Tatiana Rowson

Lecturer in Coaching

Dr Tatiana Rowson

Dr Tatiana Rowson

Programme Director for the BA Business and Management Programme
Fellow of HEA
Leadership, Organisations and Behaviour
Henley Business School building room 238, Whiteknights campus
+44 (0) 118 378 4042


Dr Tatiana Rowson is a Business and Coaching Psychologist with international academic and consulting experience. Originally trained as a counselling psychologist, Tatiana worked for over 12 years in industry. Her area of practice includes executive coaching, executive assessment and learning and development solutions. Tatiana has acted as a consultant for high profile organisations in the UK, Brazil and the United Arab Emirates, ranging from national, international, public and private and operating in various sectors including banking and finance, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, media, energy and manufacturing. In 2014, Tatiana joined academia, where she combines her practical experience and academic knowledge in her teaching.

Tatiana is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA). Her research interests are in the areas of life and career transitions, ageing and identity at work, adaptability and well-being over the life course.

Programme Delivery

Tatiana is the module convener for Management Skills (MM256) and Personal Development modules. Tatiana also teaches on the coaching programmes.


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Articles and Reports:

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Book Chapters:

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