Dr Zella King

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Dr Zella King

Dr Zella King

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Zella King is Executive Fellow at Henley Business School where she is involved in executive education. She is co-founder of Personal Boardroom, a company that helps people build their networks in a practical, structured way. The Personal Boardroom approach has been used in many well-known companies to develop leaders and accelerate women into senior roles.


Zella's research on careers and networks has been published in top academic journals. She gave a TEDx talk on the science of social networks to a youth audience in 2011, and her book, Who is in your Personal Boardroom?, written with Amanda Scott, was published in October 2014.


Zella began her career in consulting for Accenture and then worked in corporate finance at Schroders. She has a BA from the University of Cambridge and a PhD in Occupational Psychology from Birkbeck College, London.


Publications in peer-reviewed journals

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