Professor Hafiz Mirza

Visiting Professor

Professor Hafiz Mirza

Professor Hafiz Mirza

International Business and Strategy
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Hafiz Mirza is Visiting Professor of International Business at Henley Business School, University of Reading. For many years he has worked on the interface of academia and international organisations (including Chief of Investment Issues Research at the Division of Investment and Enterprise, UNCTAD), leading to a large body of policy-orientated research and publications, including the annual World Investment Report and ASEAN Investment Report. He has published extensively in areas such as responsible investment (especially in agriculture); investment and development in Japan and South East Asia; human resources and expatriation; technology, skills and business culture transfer by MNEs; and developing country MNEs.


Professional and Research Activities (Academic)

Hafiz is an economist by background and has wide-ranging research interests. His past and present research interests/projects include:

  • Developing country MNEs and South-South FDI
  • Responsible agricultural investment
  • Investing in the sustainable development goals
  • Regionalisation, Foreign Direct Investment and Poverty Reduction
  • Knowledge Creation and Knowledge Transfer in Economic Development
  • FDI in infrastructure, connectivity and development
  • Global and regional value chains in ASEAN development
  • Investing a low-carbon economy
  • Non-equity modes of international production
  • Multinational Enterprises as Agents for the Transmission of Business Culture
  • The International Transfer of Technology by Smaller Firms
  • Foreign Investment by Japanese Companies before the Pacific War
  • Factors Affecting International Joint Venture Partnership Success
  • MNEs, Human Resources and Expatriation
  • The Emerging Cultures of Capitalism

Selected Publications

Reports and books

  • World Investment Report, various years, United Nations: New York and Geneva. (Hafiz and his team are normally responsible for the thematic chapter(s) of each report.)
  • ASEAN Investment Report, various years, ASEAN Secretariat and UNCTAD, Jakarta and Geneva. (Written annually with Kee Hwee Wee.)
  • Investment Contracts for Agriculture: Maximizing Gains and Minimizing Risks, UNCTAD, IISD and World Bank, Washington, June 2015. (With Carin Smaller, Will Speller, Nathalie Bernasconi and Grahame Dixie.)
  • The Practice of Responsible Investment Principles in Larger Scale Agricultural Investments: Implications for Corporate Performance and Impact on Local Communities, World Bank and UNCTAD, Washington, April 2014. (With Will Speller, Grahame Dixie and Zoë Goodman.)
  • FDI and Tourism: the Development Dimension, United Nations: New York and Geneva, 2007. (With Diana Barrowclough and Anne Miroux.)
  • Regionalisation, Foreign Direct Investment and Poverty Reduction: The Case of ASEAN, Department for International Development, London, 2003, pp140  (with Axèle Giroud, John Weiss, Hossein Jalilian, Nick Freeman and Mya Than)
  • Foreign Companies and the Upgrading of Technological Competencies in Asian Economies, Japan Bank for International Cooperation, Tokyo, 2001, pp135.  (With Axèle Giroud and Kathrin Köster.)
  • Global Competitive Strategies in the New World Economy: Multilateralism, Regionalisation and the Transnational Firm, Edward Elgar, London, 1998, pp320. (Edited Book)
  • The Promotion of Foreign Direct Investment into and Within ASEAN: Towards the Establishment of an ASEAN Investment Area, ASEAN Secretariat, Jakarta, 1997, pp190.  (With Frank Bartels, Mark Hiley and Axèle Giroud.) 
  • The International Transfer of Technology by Smaller Firms, Macmillan, London, 1997, pp500.  (With Peter J. Buckley, Jaime Campos and Eduardo White).
  • Sharing Asia’s Dynamism: Asian Direct Investment in the European Union, United Nations Publications, New York and Geneva, 1996, pp150. (In collaboration with UNCTAD-DITE staff.)
  • Multinationals and the Growth of the Singapore Economy, Croom Helm, Beckenham, 1986, pp300.
  • The Development of European Direct Investment in Japan, The Japan Foundation, Tokyo, 1993, pp100.  (With Peter J. Buckley and John R. Sparkes.)

Refereed articles

  • “Refining of FDI Motivations by integrating global value chains’ considerations”, Multinational Business Review, Vol 23, No 1, 2015. (With Axèle Giroud.)
  • “The Impact of Larger Scale Agricultural Investments on Communities in South East Asia: A first assessment”, International Development Policy, Vol 6, No 1, 2015. (With James Zhan and Will Speller.)
  • “Some observations on scholarly research on FDI impact on development”, The European Journal of Development Research, Volume 24, issue 1, 2012. (With James Zhan.)
  • “Client Following Revisited –A Study of Transnational Advertising Agencies in China” International Journal of AdvertisingVolume 27, Number 4, 2008, pp 593-628(with Fanny Cheung and Wing-Fai Leung.)
  • ‘Knowledge acquisition and performance: The role of foreign parents in Korean IJVs’. Asian Business and Management, Vol 7 (2), 2008, pp. 11-32. (With Park Byung-Il, Axele Giroud and Jeryl Whitelock.
  • The effect of corporate-level organisational factors on the transfer of human resource management practices: European and US MNCs and their Greek subsidiaries, International Journal of Human Resource Management, 2007 (with Barbara Myloni and Anne-Wil Harzing).
  • The rise of TNCs from the South: The East Asian Dimension, Tijdschrift for Economic and Social Geography, 2007. (with Anne Miroux)
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