Sandeep Akkinapelli

IB- Sandeep Akkinapelli



There were two main reasons behind my decision to choose Henley; one was the course content and the other one was the reputation of the Business School and its faculty for research.

The MSc International Business contains traits of a traditional management course, due to its emphasis on strategy and other management modules. However, the course also offers an interesting economic insight into international business, through various theories that help explain the rise of multinational firms and foreign direct investment. It also addresses the links between multinational enterprises and foreign direct investment, and considers their role in the development of a nation. Thus the course outlines various elements of international business to students from both a business and policy point of view. It is this balance of course content that makes it unique and differentiates itself from other management courses. Hence, it is suitable for the likes of prospective managers, economists, consultants and policy analysts.

The other reason that motivated me to choose Henley was the pioneering research that renowned professors at the Business School have published over the years in the area of international business. The majority of the content that students are taught is based on the research conducted by the professors at Henley themselves. This offers a unique opportunity not just to be taught by the best people but also to interact with the professors who developed those frameworks and theories. This was especially important to me as I was considering a career in research. By interacting with experts who shaped the field, I became confident that I was in the right place.

However, there was also something else that I did not expect from the course, which took me by pleasant surprise. And that was the composition of the class. The MSc International Business is a truly global programme, with students coming from the Americas, Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia and of course the UK as well. This provided me with a year full of rich and diverse cultural experiences.

As the course has now finished and while I am preparing for my new job as a research associate, looking back, I can only say that the course exceeded my expectations. I found the course to be intellectually stimulating and a truly rewarding experience.