William Gilbert

IB- William Gilbert

United States of America


In 2009, as part of my undergraduate course, I spent a semester studying abroad at the University of Reading. During my stay there, I had lectures at Henley Business School and thoroughly enjoyed my time and experiences on campus. With the town of Reading’s welcoming atmosphere and vibrant community, as well as Henley’s strong international academic rankings and reputation, it was a natural choice to return.


Having a background in the corporate world, I found the strategies and theories taught on my postgraduate programme truly applicable, providing an insightful dimension to my business experience. With each module, a new business theory, strategy and organisational structure was covered. All of this content progressively built on earlier topics, creating a more comprehensive and insightful understanding of how businesses interact and operate globally. It was really exciting when content from several of my classes ‘clicked’ together, creating a new dimension to the business environment I had not previously known; it was a very rewarding experience and positively reinforced my decision to attend Henley.


From its international student body to its solid academic schedule, I am confident that my time at Henley Business School has equipped me with the tools to successfully pursue a dynamic international business career. There is no better way to gain a global business education and perspective than to live and breathe the degree in an international university setting, such as the one offered at Henley Business School. Increasingly in today’s competitive job market, a postgraduate degree is a crucial distinguishing factor and the school’s curriculum provided essential exposure to business strategies and theories through real-world application.