Mohamed Wurie

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After earning my bachelor's degree, I realized that to combine my technical knowledge with my co-operative education experience effectively, I needed to accumulate real world experience. Specifically, I decided that working at a large financial institution would allow me to develop insight into various areas of finance and would give me an over-reaching vision of the international business and finance arena. After achieving that goal, I decided to pursue my masters, to further enhance my knowledge, and further develop my career- and I could not have made a better choice than choosing Henley Business School to achieve this.

In addition to its triple accreditation and academic ranking, a key aspect that attracted me to The Henley Business was the opportunity to study at the internationally renowned John H. Dunning Centre for International Business and the opportunity to develop a broad range and understanding of the subject through interaction with highly qualified faculty, along with industry professionals and companies around the city given the close proximity to London

The MSc International Business which I have recently completed addressed key issues such as how firms decide where and when to invest internationally and how to evaluate the opportunities and challenges that face them in different countries. In addition the program taught me about the frameworks and methodologies required to make sense of the interaction between firm strategies, economic and development policies and the changing global environment in a rapidly globalising world. Having knowledge of this I believe provides me with the technical knowledge required to understand the processes involved for firms engaging in strategic investment opportunities and thereby able to have meaningful discussions with clients and offer informed advice and solutions to meet their needs-as I currently do in my role as International Project Coordinator for a media company.

The Henley experience itself was amazing, from curricular to extra-curricular. The courses were very stimulating and will definitely challenge you to think outside of the box, and will allow you to develop using insight- a skill that you will find invaluable and will use way after you have graduated. The program was also made more interesting by, guest lecturers and the diverse range of international student from all over the world, which definitely provided in a way a real work environment- if engaging in international business, on top of that I made many good friends as the intensity of the 1yr program allows for you to collaborate and work with fellow students to achieve the overall goal of success not just individually, but also collectively. There also exists of extra-curricular activities available to enable you to have a balanced study scheduled should you wish. In addition there was always a helpful support provided from professors to faculty staff when needed.

Overall I truly enjoyed my time at Henley, and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to study in a comprehensive and interdisciplinary institute that combines both practical and theoretical learning to enhance the skill and knowledge needed for student to excel in their required field.