Fiona McClure

IHRM - Fiona McClure - Profile


HR Graduate Trainee, BBC 

'Reputation is an important consideration when choosing a business school and the Henley name is both respected and well-known. Coming from an undergraduate humanities background at the University of Manchester, I was attracted to MSc International Management as a good introduction to business and the commercial world. Furthermore, the international element both complimented my linguistic skills, and provided a great insight into global business today.

The best aspect of the programme was the wide range of modules available and the emphasis on team work and group assignments meant that there was an opportunity to learn and benefit from the international cohorts' different approaches to academia. I would recommend Henley Business School based on the quality of teaching and the study environment provided. All staff were extremely approachable and readily available to discuss assignments, areas of interest and career opportunities. This was one of the main differences I noticed from my undergraduate study.

I began applying for graduate jobs at the end of the first term of my Masters with the aim of starting employment as soon as I had finished study. By starting this early I was able to submit my project, go travelling for a month and come back to start with the BBC at the end of September.'