Juliane Ehrlinspiel

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I always wanted to do my Masters at one of the top universities in the world. My decision to choose the MSc in International Management at Henley Business School was driven by its established position in the FT Ranking, its triple accreditation and its access to London. I could not have made any better decision than choosing the Postgraduate Programme of Henley Business School because of the combination of highly qualified faculty, paired with an interesting and mind-challenging syllabus as well as the social experiences.

Throughout the Masters, the Professors used examples of how management theories and models can be applied in real life business settings, helping me to realise the relevance to the workplace. I have also been encouraged to use examples of real workplace situations within all assignments, which enabled me to directly apply my learning and knowledge into real-life situations.

Not only was this year academically challenging, the class included students from diverse cultural, educational and professional backgrounds making the whole experience very unique, enjoyable and challenging. This truly global aspect of learning taught me essential social awareness that is needed in today's fast changing and challenging economic environment.

The MSc in International Management is an academically intense course, which provides individuals with the necessary skills to enter the rather competitive market. It was the best year of my studies and the most challenging too. The experience in Reading has changed me professionally as well as personally by broadening my horizon and changing my entire approach to problem solving.

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience and I hope you will too!