Irina Heim

PHD Student

Irina Heim

Irina Heim

Academic Area(s): Leadership, Organisations & Behaviour
Supervisor(s): Professor Yelena Kalyuzhnova, Professor Abby Ghobadian
Research Topic(s): Local content policy and value co-creation: information technologies in the oil and gas industry

Areas of Interest

International business, corporate strategy, innovations


Teaching assistant, Henley Business School, University of Reading, 2016-2019

Teaching assistant, University College London, 2016-2019

Innovations and Market Entry MM256

Effectual Entrepreneurship MM301

Economics of Regulation ECON7006

Introduction to Microeconomics SESS1003

Management Skills MM256

Introduction to Macroeconomics SESS1004

Business in a Competitive Environment MSIN7002b

International Trade ECON0023

Economics of the Public Sector ECON0050


Diploma in Chemistry from Lomonosov Moscow State University

Masters in economics from the Finance University at the Government of the Russian Federation

MA in Management from Henley Business School

Supervision of EMBA Research Projects

Hemingway, S. (2018). Achieving a high-performance environment through engagement in a pharmaceutical sales and marketing team. (with distinction).

Sardar-Drenda, N. (exp 2019). Assessment of willingness and ability to change and their predictors in Atos IDM Germany.

Kirkelung, M. (exp 2019). Adaptive leadership in the integration of mergers and acquisitions.

Conference Presentations

Academy of International Business Annual Conference 2016, 2017, 2018

British Academy of Management Conference 2016, 2017, 2018

Academy of International Business Western USA Chapter Annual Conference

American Conference on the Information Systems AMCIS, 2017

European International Business Academy Conference 2017, 2018


Heim, I. Value co-creation and local industry development: win-win strategies for the oil and gas industry in emerging resource-rich countries. (Submitted for publication).

Heim, I. (ed). (expected in 2019). Investing in Kazakhstan, a junction on the New Silk Road. Dallas, USA: Business Expert Press).

Heim, I., Kalyuzhnova, Y., Li, W. (V.) and Liu, K. (2018) Value co-creation between foreign firms and indigenous SMEs in Kazakhstan’s oil and gas industry: the role of information technology spillovers. Thunderbird International Business Review. (In Press).

Heim, I., Han, T. & Ghobadian, A. (2018). Value co-creation in ICT service company: a case study of a cross border acquisition. Journal of East-West Business.

Ambalov, V. and Heim, I. (2018) Cluster nodes as a unit for value co-creation: the role of information technologies in competitiveness of the oil and gas industry. In: Liu, K., Nakata, K., Li, W. (V.) and Bararnauskas, C. (eds.) Digitalisation, Innovation, and Transformation. Springer, pp. 155-163. ISBN 9783319945415

Heim, I. (2018). Local content policies: global versus national? In M. Munoz (Ed.), Globalization alternatives (pp. 73-84). Dallas, USA: Business Expert Press.

Delevic, U. and Heim, I. (2017). Institutions in transition: Is the EU integration process relevant for inward FDI in Transition European Economies? Eurasian Journal of Economics and Finance, 5 (1): 16-32.

Contribution in the development of the policy recommendations for the Government of Kazakhstan. "Enhancing Competitiveness and Prosperity: Does Local Content Policy Improve Competitiveness in Kazakhstan?” (November 2016).

Reviewer for

Academy of International Business Annual Conference

British Academy of Management Conferences

Journal of East-West Business

International Entrepreneurship and Management Journal

Business Training Delivered

"Business connections", a course organised by the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Kazakhstan "Atameken" and the German Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy "Fit for the partnership with Germany" at Kazakh-British Technical University. Modules covered were "Economy of the European Union and Germany" and "How to find business contacts in Germany", June 2017.


Associate Fellow of The Higher Education Academy