Jeremy Tozer

Executive Fellow & Programme Director

Jeremy Tozer

Jeremy Tozer

Strategy Execution and Leadership Capability
: ICT, Telecommunications & Software | Consumer Goods, Pharmaceutical & Manufacturing | Banking, Finance & Insurance | Leisure & Tourism | Public Sector, Local & Central Government
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The prime requirements for optimum business performance are ‘alignment’ and 'emotional engagement' in pursuit of (emerging and evolving) strategy throughout the enterprise –organizational agility. As an Executive Fellow and Doctoral Research Associate, Jeremy is expert in developing and embedding the strategy execution capability to create 'clarity, alignment and emotional engagement' on a systemic and dynamic basis; and in assessing and developing the requisite individual and collective leadership capability. As a Programme Director, Jeremy is expert in the design, delivery and embedding of holistic initiatives with immediate returns and lasting impact —both 'hard' productivity / financial measures, and 'soft' sustained behavioural change measures.

Since 1995, Jeremy’s work has spanned the delivery of executive top team workshops to the rollout of ‘consistent but localised’ programmes to 3,500 leaders in a single client via multiple worldwide L&D centres, and the transfer of expertise to in-house client champions to sustain the initiative. Client results include 60% cost savings, the doubling of productivity, and 50% increase in revenues. Prior to 1995, Jeremy worked as an executive search consultant and as a sales executive with Procter and Gamble in the FMCG business. Jeremy’s formative decade was spent as an Officer in the British Army —in N Ireland, Hong Kong, Brunei, Berlin, Norway, Turkey, Denmark and Italy —leading an infantry company group, as a brigade operations officer, or leading small but strategically influential teams of specialists.

Jeremy is the author of two books, and the architect of an MSc in Leadership and Organization Design.

By Geography: UK, Asia, Australasia, North America, Africa and Middle East.

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