Joe Doak

PHD Student

Joe Doak

Joe Doak

Academic Area(s): Real Estate & Planning
Supervisor(s): Professor Gavin Parker, Dr Rhi Smith (University Museums and Special Collections Services)
Research Topic(s): Five Hundred Years of Non-Linear History: Exploring Land-Ownership, Property Development and its Social Regulation in Central Reading 1500-2000

Areas of academic interest

Urban history; Theoretical perspectives on the real estate development process; Sustainability


Joe’s research is exploring the processes of urban development and redevelopment in Central Reading over the last 500 years. Using ideas derived from assemblage theory, he is examining the changes in land and property ownership, built form and the regulation of that process in four case study sites in Reading. The research is being undertaken on a part-time basis.

Joe is undertaking this research after forty years of working in planning and development practice and academia. Having graduated (in geography and then town planning) from UCL in 1980, Joe then undertook contract research at Oxford Brookes University, worked for Humberside County and Islington Borough councils, and taught and researched at South Bank and Reading universities until 2019.


  • BA (Hons) Geography, UCL
  • MPhil Town Planning, UCL
  • Corporate Member of the RTPI

Relevant Publications

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