Johannes Schmalz

PHD Student

Johannes Schmalz

Johannes Schmalz

Academic Area(s): Leadership, Organisations & Behaviour
Supervisor(s): Professor Abby Ghobadian
Research Topic(s): How Incumbent Firms Achieve Competitive Readiness by Orchestrating a Digitally Disruptive Business Model

Areas of Interest

Pharmaceuticals, Automobiles, Banking

Personal Profile

Johannes is a doctoral researcher and PhD scholarship holder at Henley Business School. His research is located at the intersection between strategic management and entrepreneurship.

He analyses how large, legacy firms with an organisational design and routines tailored to older technology create competitive advantages in markets reshaped by radical technological change. Johannes is especially interested in the sequential steps that jointly define successful business model change as to unlock digitisation’s full value potential.

His research aims to develop a theoretical model for business model reconfiguration that allows top managers to maintain their firms’ competitive vitality in times of creative destruction. What is unique about his approach is the attempt to resolve the knowledge-transfer gaps between research streams that have largely developed independently, despite being interdependently locked. In this regard, he integrates the literatures on the resource-based view, strategic cognition and organisational ambidexterity by considering the dynamic capabilities paradigm as their unifying common thread.

As a qualitative researcher, Johannes has gained considerable interviewing experience. He has interviewed CEOs, board members and senior executives from incumbent pharmaceutical companies as well as partners from top and second tier consulting firms for his master’s dissertation.


Henley Business School, United Kingdom – MSc in International Management (2016)

University of Kiel, Germany - BSc in Business Administration (2014)

BI Norwegian Business School, Norway - Semester Abroad (2013)