Khaled El-Shamandi Ahmed

PHD Student

Khaled El-Shamandi Ahmed

Khaled El-Shamandi Ahmed

Academic Area(s): Marketing & Reputation
Supervisor(s): Professor Moira Clark, Dr Rodrigo Perez-Vega
Research Topic(s): The impact of customer experience on customer decision making and brands

Academic Profile

Areas of Interest:

  • New Technology in Marketing (Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence)
  • Customer to Customer Marketing
  • C2C Digital and Social Media Marketing (for example, Influencer Marketing, Product Placement, Online Sentiment, Emojis and Photos)
  • Sharing Economy and Gig Economy Performance Measurement

Having finished my master in business management after several years working in the industry, I was awarded a full-time PhD scholarship within the Marketing & Reputation department at Henley Business School. My research focuses on achieving a competitive advantage by optimising customer experience (CX) throughout the use of augmented reality (AR) technology, and in the meantime, investigating the attitudinal and behavioural outcomes of customers from the perceived experience.

On one hand, I'm focusing on the multidimensional components of CX - cognitive, emotional, sensorial and behavioural. On the other hand, my focus on AR is through its media characteristics as an interactive technology - interactivity, hyper-textuality, modality, virtuality, connectivity, location-specificity and mobility.

Qualifications & Publications

MSc Business and Management, Aston University, UK, 2017

CIM Professional Diploma in Marketing, 2009

BA Mass Communications, major in Advertising & Public Relations, Cairo University, Egypt, 2005