Kirsty Denyer

PHD Student

Kirsty Denyer

Kirsty Denyer

Academic Area(s): Leadership, Organisations & Behaviour
Supervisor(s): Professor Yelena Kalyuzhnova, Dr Tatiana Rowson
Research Topic(s): A Just Transition for Scotland’s oil and gas workers? The role of structure and agency in accessing ‘decent work’ after job loss’

Areas of Interest

Organisational psychology, careers, career changes, the energy sector, organisational politics


MSc Occupational Psychology, Birkbeck, University of London (graduation expected 2020)

MSc Psychology, University of Westminster (2017)

M.A.(Hons) French and Italian, University of St Andrews (2007)

Conferences and Publications

'Changing from an organisation-based career to a protean career: a qualitative exploration through the framework of Life Designing'. Denyer, K. and Rowson, T. The British Psychological Society: Division of Occupational Psychology Annual Conference. Chester, United Kingdom. January 2019