Lisa Scott

Teaching Fellow in Marketing

Lisa Scott

Lisa Scott

Marketing & Reputation
Consumer Behaviour, Services Marketing, Marketing Strategy, International Marketing Strategy
Whiteknights Campus
0118 378 5834


Lisa is a teaching fellow in the School of Marketing and Reputation.  Lisa is module convenor for the Understanding Customers and Consumer Behaviour modules. Lisa has industry experience in Marketing and International Relationship management (oil and gas), as well as in Business Development and Strategy. Lisa has secured contracts with elite training institutions and created new business degrees and training programmes for the financial sector. Lisa has worked at a number of leading UK Universities; teaching at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, and has supervised numerous dissertation students to successful completion. Lisa is currently studying for her PhD and has publications in the Journal of Management Services.

Scott, L. & McManus, J. (2010) ‘Under Pressure’ Journal of Management Services 54(3)29-34 

Scott, L. & McManus, J. (2010) ‘Under Pressure’ Journal of Management Services 54(4)33-37

Lisa’s research interests pertain to how strands of social psychology can be used to inform areas of strategy and social policy. Her sector of interest is the legal services sector.

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