Lisa Scott

PHD Student

Lisa Scott

Lisa Scott

Academic Area(s): Marketing & Reputation
Supervisor(s): Professor Nada Korac Kakabadse, Professor Andrew Kakabadse
Research Topic(s): How New Public Management Affects the Governance of the Judiciary

PhD Student

Lisa Scott (BA, MSc) is a doctoral researcher at Henley Business School, under the supervision of Professor Nada Kakabadse and Professor Andrew Kakabadse. Lisa is researching into how New Public Management affects the Governance of the Judiciary.

Lisa has taught a range of subjects at several leading UK universities; including, but not limited to, the Universities of: Leeds, York, Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol and Reading. She has taught at undergraduate, postgraduate and executive levels; and has supervised numerous Masters Dissertation students to successful completion.

Lisa has industry experience, previously being employed as an ‘International Relationship Manager’ (oil and gas, UAE). She has also developed training programmes and degrees for executives. For example, reviewing the skills of bank executives, Lisa identified areas for further training to enhance corporate performance. She then developed specialised training programmes which incorporated modules from the ICAEW and CISI. Working with elite training institutions, Lisa hired teachers, and sold the tailored executive programmes into banks.


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