Mariam Elhussein

PHD Student

Mariam Elhussein

Mariam Elhussein

Academic Area(s): Business Informatics, Systems & Accounting
Supervisor(s): Professor Keiichi Nakata, Professor Kecheng Liu
Research Topic(s): The Analysis and Design of Tagging Systems: A Semiotics and Activity Theory Approach

Areas of Interest

  • Social Tagging
  • Information Retrieval
  • Collaborative Information Systems


  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Sciences, Al Elbyt University-Jordan, 2001
  • Master of Science in Computer Information Systems, Arab Academy for Banking and Financial Sciences-Jordan, 2004


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Elhussein, M., & Nakata, K. (2010). Cross-Lingual Information Retrieval as a Side Effect of Tagging. 2010 IEEE Second International Conference on Social Computing, 582–586. doi:10.1109/SocialCom.2010.92

Elhussein, M., & Nakata, K. (2012). Analysing the Factors that Influence Tag Choice based on Semiotic Analysis and Activity Theory. International Conference on Social Informatics. Washington, DC

Elhussein, M., & Nakata, K. (2013). The Influence of System Designer Intention Over Collaborative Tagging An Analysis of Tagging Behaviour in CiteULike and Delicious. 14th International Conference on Informatics and Semiotics in Organisations Web of Things, People and Information Systems. Stockholm