Bikram Chaudhury

MIM - Bikram Chaudhury - Profile


'The proximity to London and the reputation the University of Reading enjoyed were perhaps the main attractions for me at Henley Business School.

My motivation to pursue my postgraduate studies in Marketing and International Management however was not this simplistic, given my previous degree in Law and experience in the booming Indian Legal Services Outsourcing Industry. In the end, it was the conviction that on the completion of my studies I would have familiarised myself with the emerging trends in marketing and gained the business sophistication necessary to succeed in a global organisation.

The diversity in the classroom was evident and each student was encouraged to contribute, challenge and be challenged by the perspectives classmates and faculty. This experience presented me with a unique opportunity to widen my perspective, appreciate different cultures, and strengthen interpersonal skills.

I would recommend the programme for its dynamism, which is evident from the diversity in the classroom, and for the unparalleled support which Henley Business School offers to its students, ensuring that each student is nurtured to achieve his/her full potential. The support offered by teaching and support staff was exemplary.'