Nadeem Ahmed

MIM - Nadeem Ahmed



I had one of the best experiences of my life studying at Henley Business School; I always wanted to do my postgraduate studies at a top business school in the UK and Henley proved to be the right fit for me because of its distinguished and richly earned reputation around the globe. Coming from Oman and, originally, Pakistan, I am from a household where the ranking and reputation of an institution matters more than anything else, and the belief that ‘ranking is everything’ is quite common. It was a difficult decision for me to choose between multiple business schools, but Henley proved to be the right choice. It has everything from a brilliant learning environment to a well qualified faculty. The campus atmosphere is world class and the whole programme provides an unforgettable learning experience with real-life case studies and examples.


The MSc Marketing and International Management programme challenged me and helped me to develop skills for critically analysing business management issues; it also led me to develop skills required to succeed in the marketplace. Throughout the term, the programme faculty used well prepared case studies in each module and created a brilliant atmosphere during lectures, filled with thoughtful discussions and opinions from brilliant minds selected and given the opportunity to study at Henley Business School.


I am a proud Henley graduate and I enjoyed my experience, and I hope you will too!