Dr. Christoph F. Biehl

Lecturer in Accounting

Dr. Christoph F. Biehl

Dr. Christoph F. Biehl

By Area: Corporate Governance & Accountability, Responsible Investment, Stewardship, Private (ESG) Reporting, Engagement
By Industry: Financials
By Geography: Japan, APAC, UK
Room 256, Edith Morley, Whiteknights
+44 (0) 118 378 7882


Before joining Henley Business School Chris Biehl has worked as a sessional lecturer for UAS Mikkeli (Finland), as a consultant to the United Nations-supported Principle for Responsible Investment and as Project Manager Asia for the Centre for Responsible Banking and Finance at the University of St Andrews. In his previous roles Chris established collaborations between academia and industry and (co-)organised international conferences and leadership events, inter alia the APAC session at the MSCI Global Leadership Forum 2013.

Programme Delivery

Module Convener for:

AC310: Responsible Investment and Sustainability Reporting

Academic Skills at BIT (Beijing Institute of Technology)