Muhammad Amaad Uppal

PHD Student


PhD Student

Areas of Interest

Technology enhanced learning, E-learning systems - challenges and opportunities, E-business and E-Governance


MBA - Marketing & International Business, Oklahoma City University, OK, USA (1995)
BSc Engineering - Metallurgy & Material Sciences, Punjab University, Pakistan (1993)
MCT - Microsoft Certified Trainer
MCSE - Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer
CCNA - Cisco Certified Network Associate
CCAI - Cisco Certified Academy Instructor
WebCT- Certified Course Designer

Description of PhD project

My PhD project is about researching on challenges that hamper the deployment and adoption of e-learning systems in education, especially in Pakistan.

Use of technology in education has become a global phenomenon. In the recent years, almost all the major universities around the world, especially in the western world have adopted e-learning, virtual learning, distance learning etc. in some form or the other. They all seem to realize that this method of modern delivery system is a reality and it is only going to increase in future. Students and teachers, other stake holders in the equation are also convinced that there are significant benefits and advantages of using this technology for teaching and learning. However, when we look at the universities, colleges, and schools in Pakistan, we do not see a concerted effort being made in this direction. Although, country like Pakistan, where conventional physical infrastructure, trained educators and access to educational materials is limited, can benefit a great deal from this modern educational delivery system.

While the need is there and internet and telecom infrastructure is generally in place as well, other challenges and hurdles need to be identified and model solutions developed, so that true benefit of e-learning in higher education may be achieved in Pakistan.