Nicolas Fielmua

PHD Student

Nicolas Fielmua

Nicolas Fielmua

Academic Area(s): Real Estate & Planning
Supervisor(s): Dr Richard Nunes, Dr Richard Nunes
Research Topic(s): Community Management of Small Town Water Systems in North-Western Ghana: An Analysis of Institutional Adaptive Capacity

Areas of academic interest

Water Resources Management; Environmental Management; Local level Development


Nicolas Fielmua is a Research Fellow/Lecturer with University for Development Studies, Ghana. He has in-depth experience in development policies, planning and management. Additionally, he is conversant with issues related to decentralisation, and water and sanitation planning and management in Ghana. Fielmua also has experience in local level capacity building and training. He has conducted research in various fields of development across Ghana. After the B.Sc. Degree he worked as a Teaching/Research Assistant at the Department of Planning, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. He later worked with Pragmatic Outcomes (a Participatory Development Consultancy Firm based in Northern Ghana) as the Programmes Officer. The firm has provided consultancy services, especially in water and sanitation, and local capacity building to local, national and international organisations.

PhD Research:The provision and management of potable water in rural and small towns have gone through reforms with the ultimate aim of ensuring reliable and continuous access to water services. The current management strategy requires that communities take ownership and manage their water facilities. It is assumed that, communities and community level organisations are close to the water facilities and are in a better position to devise sustainable strategies, including institutions (formal and informal) to manage them. Empirically, it has been established that there are exogenous and endogenous drivers/forces that influence the successful community-based management of water facilities. Therefore, the thrust of this study is to analyse the adaptive capacity of institutions in sustaining small town water systems in the North-western Ghana.


  • September 2007 to June 2009: MSc in Development Policy & Planning, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Ghana
  • October 2001 to June 2005: BSc in Planning, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Ghana

Research Grants

PhD Studentship, School of Real Estate and Planning 


Fielmua, N. Managing Small Town Water from a Systems’ Perspective: A Precursor for an enhanced Urban Water Governance. A paper presented at the Annual Conference of the Association of American Geographers, Tampa, Florida, USA. 6th -12th April 2014

Fielmua, N. and Bandie, R.D.B, “Collective Action on Sustainable Environment Management along the Black Volta Basin: The Role of Traditional Authorities”. A paper presented at an International conference on Sustainable Development and Climate Change at the University of Ilorin, Nigeria, 1st -4th May 2011