Obiageli Heidelberger-Nkenke

PHD Student

Obiageli Heidelberger-Nkenke

Obiageli Heidelberger-Nkenke

Academic Area(s): Leadership, Organisations & Behaviour
Supervisor(s): Professor Bernd Vogel, Professor Karen Jansen
Research Topic(s): The role of cognitive structures and leadership practices of organisational gatekeepers in leadership progression and diversity

Areas of Interest

Senior Leadership Diversity


MSc International Human Resource Management, University of Reading 2017 (acheived a First)

Conferences and Publications


Women in Leadership 2019, EY London

WoW Conference, 2018, ICMA

WoW Forum, 2019, ICMA


Training Journal: 'Fourth Industrial Revolution training shake-up: Developing leaders in a gig driven world', 2018

Edge: 'The World in 2028: What will leadership require where humans converge with technology', 2019

'Work 2028: Trends, Dilemmas and Choices' 2018, A study by Deutsch Telekom, Detecon International and Henley Centre for Leadership, 2018

The HR Director: 'Tomorrow's Hybrid Workforce' 2019 'Leader Resilience – A key aspect of sustainable effective leadership practice', 2019, Interview Study Findings Report by Caroline Rook, Lecturer in Leadership