Obiageli Heidelberger-Nkenke

PHD Student

Obiageli Heidelberger-Nkenke

Obiageli Heidelberger-Nkenke

Academic Area(s): Leadership, Organisations & Behaviour
Supervisor(s): Professor Bernd Vogel, Professor Karen Jansen
Research Topic(s): From Glass Ceiling to Cognitive Labyrinth: Navigating the Cognitive Constructs of Stakeholders to Senior Leadership Progression

Areas of Interest

Senior Leadership Diversity


MSc International Human Resource Management, University of Reading 2017 (acheived a First)

Conferences and Publications


Women in Leadership 2019, EY London

WoW Conference, 2018, ICMA

WoW Forum, 2019, ICMA


Training Journal: 'Fourth Industrial Revolution training shake-up: Developing leaders in a gig driven world', 2018

Edge: 'The World in 2028: What will leadership require where humans converge with technology', 2019

'Work 2028: Trends, Dilemmas and Choices' 2018, A study by Deutsch Telekom, Detecon International and Henley Centre for Leadership, 2018

The HR Director: 'Tomorrow's Hybrid Workforce' 2019 'Leader Resilience – A key aspect of sustainable effective leadership practice', 2019, Interview Study Findings Report by Caroline Rook, Lecturer in Leadership