Dr Peter McManners

Visiting Fellow

Dr Peter McManners

Dr Peter McManners

International Business and Strategy


By area: Strategy, Management Consultancy, Corporate Responsibility, Sustainability.

By Industry: Defence, Not-for-profit, Aviation.

By geography: UK, Europe.

Dr Peter McManners is a strategy consultant, author and Visiting Fellow at Henley Business School teaching Strategy and supervising Management Research Challenges in the area of Strategy. He leads the Scenario Elective on the EMBA.

Qualifications: B Eng, MSc, MBA, FRSA, FRGS.

He is interested in strategic responses to the challenge of sustainability, including examination of the interface between economic and environmental policy. His recent research focus has been on the aviation industry.



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Peer-reviewed academic papers:

McManners, P.J. (2014). Reframing Economic Policy Towards Sustainability, International Journal of Green Economics, 8(3/4), 288-305.

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