Professor Adrian Palmer

Head of Marketing & Reputation

Professor Adrian Palmer

Professor Adrian Palmer

Marketing & Reputation
Services Marketing; Marketing Management; Consumer Behaviour; Research Methods
Whiteknights Campus
+44 (0) 118 378 4033
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Adrian Palmer is Professor of Marketing and Head of the Department of Marketing and Reputation. His first career in travel and tourism marketing and management informed his subsequent academic career. Since joining academia, he has researched and published extensively on the subject of services buyer behaviour. His book “Principles of Services Marketing”, now in its seventh edition, and recently translated into Chinese, is widely used throughout the world to provide a grounding in the challenges and opportunities of marketing services. Recent research has been published in Journal of Marketing Management, European Journal of Marketing and Harvard Business Review. He is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and has experience of teaching executive programmes in Europe and Asia.


Adrian Palmer’s research focuses on buyer behaviour within service sector industries and in particular the importance to companies of developing customer loyalty and ongoing relationships. As well as developing theory, he has always sought to make the outcomes of research relevant to business practice.

Specific ongoing streams of research, many involving doctoral students and international collaborators include:

  • The effects of engagement in service consumption on customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Implicit and explicit attitudes and their differential effects on behaviour
  • The link between anticipation of service consumption and subsequent satisfaction

He is Associate Editor of Journal of Marketing Management and a reviewer for many academic Marketing journals.


Selected Recent Journal Articles

  • Koenig-Lewis, N., Asaad, Y. and Palmer, A., Football as a social event: effects on satisfaction, team identification and recommendation, European Sports Management Journal – forthcoming 2018
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