Professor Benjamin Laker

Professor of Leadership

Professor Benjamin Laker

Professor Benjamin Laker

Department of Leadership, Organisations and Behaviour
Room GB10, Greenlands Campus
+44 (0) 1491 418799


Professor Ben Laker of Henley Business School is a Leadership and Management expert who advises Fortune 500 firms including Apple, commentates on global affairs for international broadcasters including the BBC, and teaches MBA and Executive programmes in four continents. His scholarly output is extensively cited and regularly featured in The Financial Times, Harvard Business Review, The Economist and The New York Times.

British Airways Business Life ranks him one of the world's eight leading intellects; he's worked with British Cycling, NASA and the New Zealand All-Blacks and in 2017 became the first Professor ever to attend the Academy Awards (Hollywood Oscars).

Selected Publications

Hill, A. and Laker, B. and Mellon, L. and Goddard, J. (Forthcoming) The turnaround ladder. British Journal of Management.

Laker, B (Forthcoming) High performing teams in the VUCA era – evidence from internet banking and commerce markets. Journal of Banking and Finance.

Laker, B. (2019) Banking and commerce within the post-Brexit VUCA world. Management Science.

Laker, B. (2019) Hubris, Brexit and the Demand for Servant Leadership. The Telegraph.

Laker, B. (2018) The future of payments. City AM.

Laker, B. (2018) Cryptocurrency and the future of cash. The Telegraph.

Hill, A. and Cuthbertson, R. and Laker, B. and Brown, S. (2017) Service fitness ladders: improving business performance in low cost and differentiated markets. International Journal of Operations & Production Management.

Hill, A. and Mellon, L. and Laker, B. and Goddard, J. (2017) Research: How the Best School Leaders Create Enduring Change. Harvard Business Review.

Laker, B. and Ridley, M. (2017) How 'cracking the code' of a secret belief system is boosting sales. The Telegraph.

Hill, A. and Mellon, L. and Laker, B. and Goddard, J. (2016) The one type of leader who can turn around a failing school. Harvard Business Review.

Hill, A. and Mellon, L. and Goddard, J. and Laker, B. (2016) How to turn around a failing school. Harvard Business Review.

Selected Broadcasts


Laker, B. (2018) Carlos Ghosn ousted by Nissan Board - Henley Business School's Benjamin Laker explains. France 24.

Laker, B. (2018) Blockchain legacy to live on after bitcoin bubble bursts. Deutsche Welle.

Cook, C. and Laker, B. and Hill, A. (2016) NEWSNIGHT: School system does not reward the best head teachers. BBC2. British Broadcasting Corporation.


Bowes, P. and Laker, B. (2018) #MeToo with Dr Ben Laker, Leadership Expert. BBC Radio 5 Live. British Broadcasting Corporation.