Professor Benjamin Laker

Professor of Leadership

Professor Benjamin Laker

Professor Benjamin Laker

Department of Leadership, Organisations and Behaviour
Room GB10, Greenlands Campus
+44 (0) 1491 418799


Professor Ben Laker is a globally renowned scholar and outstanding university educator who provides academic direction and leadership to research, executive development and education within the subject area of leadership at Henley Business School.

He is highly experienced at leading engagements with executives of Fortune 500 firms having served clients including Apple, American Express, Cisco and Lloyds Banking Group for more than a decade.

His scholarly output appears in world class academic and practitioner journals, informs government policy and shapes how thousands of organisations around the world are managed and led.

He is retained by the BBC, Bloomberg and Sky News to provide expert commentary on Business, Economic and Political affairs.

Selected Publications

Trehan, R. and Laker, B. (2019) Four Days, Then Free: Why a shorter working week could be good for business. Washington Post.

Trehan, R. and Laker, B. (2019) Bridges to Progress: how to build multi-generational collaboration in your organization. Washington Post.

Laker, B. and Roulet, T. (2019) Will the 4-Day Workweek Take Hold in Europe? Harvard Business Review.

Laker, B. and Roulet, T. (2019) Busting three modern myths of diversity in the workplace. Washington Post.

Laker, B. and Roulet, T. (2019) How companies can adapt during times of political uncertainty. Harvard Business Review.

Laker, B. (2019) Three Ways to Achieve Organizational Readiness In the Information Age. Washington Post.

Hill, A., Mellon, L., Laker, B. and Goddard, J. (2017) Research: how the best school leaders create enduring change. Harvard Business Review.

Hill, A., Cuthbertson, R., Brown, S. and Laker, B. (2017) Service fitness ladders: improving business performance in low cost or differentiated markets. International Journal of Operations and Production Management.

Hill, A., Mellon, L., Laker, B. and Goddard, J. (2016) The one type of leader who can turn around a failing school. Harvard Business Review.

Hill, A., Mellon, L., Goddard, J. and Laker, B. (2016) How to turn around a failing school. Harvard Business Review.