Professor Sarah Sayce

Professor of Sustainable Real Estate

Professor Sarah Sayce

Professor Sarah Sayce

Real Estate & Planning
EM 165, Whiteknights Campus



Sarah is part-time Professor in Sustainable Real Estate; in addition she is Visiting Professor at the Royal Agricultural University and Emeritus Professor at Kingston University. Sarah is a Chartered Surveyor who, prior to becoming an academic, worked in practice, gaining experience in both consultancy and in-house for a major corporate. Since becoming an academic – now many years ago - she has taught and researched in many areas of the built environment and is widely published. Her research spans aspects of professional education, planning and real estate valuation but a cross cutting theme is the impact of the sustainability agenda on real estate.

For many years she headed the School of Surveying and Planning at Kingston University but since retiring from that role, she has enjoyed being part of the Reading Team where she is teaching valuations and currently working on 2 EU funded projects in the field of energy efficiency and property values. She has co-authored several books, her most recent being joint author of Developing Property Sustainably (2015) and as co-editor/author of the Routledge Handbook of Real Estate (2018).

For ten years Sarah was on the Governing Council of RICS and still serves on their Valuation Group Board. In addition she is a Trustee to two property trusts: the Aubrey Barker Fund and the Ethical Property foundation. She is also an advisor to the Property Working Group of the United Nations Environment Programme’s Investment Commission.


  • BSc (Hons) Estate Management
  • PhD


Real Estate Valuation; Sustainability in Real Estate; Professional Education; Aspects of spatial planning

Selected Research Grants

2018: Commissioned co-author RICS: Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES) Impact on UK property management and valuation Insight Paper (project value £8,000)

2017- 2019: member representing RICS on the Valuation and Demand Working Group on the EC funded project EeMAP: Energy Efficiency Mortgage Action Plan

2016: Principal Investigator London Boroughs Planning Policy, Land Values, Viability and Affordable Housing: a London Study (project value:£ 30,000)

2015- 2019: member representing RICS on the EC Horizon 2020 project ReValue

2013: Green Construction Board: Mapping the Real Estate Life Cycle for effective policy interventions lead partner with Sweett Group and Sustainable Investment Asset Management (SIAM) (£25,000)

2013: Green Construction Board: Mapping the Impacts of Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards for Commercial Real Estate supporting partner with Sweett Group and Sustainable Investment Asset Management (SIAM) (project value £28,000)

2013: Lead Commissioned Author RICS: Sustainability and Commercial Valuation Guidance Note 2nd Ed (project value £3,000)

2012: Principal Investigator DCLG: Land Auctions: evaluation of a pilot project (project value £46,000)

2010: Principal Investigator DCLG: Back Gardens: understudying the Issues (project value £38,000)


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Key Publications

Wilkinson S, Dixon, T, Miller N and Sayce S Eds(2018) The Handbook of Sustainable Real Estate Routledge

Michl, P. Lorenz, D. Lützkendorf, T and Sayce, S (2016) ) Reflecting sustainability in property valuation–a progress report. Journal of Property Investment & Finance, 34(6), pp.552-577.

Turley, M and Sayce, S. (2015) Energy performance certificates in the context of sustainability and the impact on valuations Journal of Property Investment & Finance Vol 33 No 5 pp446-455

Wilkinson, S., Sayce, S. and Christensen, P (2015) Developing Property Sustainably London: Routledge

Sayce,S., Walford, N. and Garside, P. (2012) Residential development on gardens in England: their role in providing sustainable housing supply Land Use Policy Vol, 29 No 4 pp 771-780

Sayce, S., Sundberg, A., and Clements, B (2010) Is Sustainability reflected in Commercial Property Prices: a review of the evidence London RICS