David Wetherill

REP - P - David Wetherill


Wokingham Borough Council

I found the course useful as it didn't just explore planning in isolation, but related it to the wider real estate / development context. There were some interesting assessment methods: not just essays, but also negotiation exercises, presentations and even spider diagrams. This varied approach kept work interesting and, at the same time, challenging. The course has been very vocational, and I had no difficulty in getting a job afterwards (which I started part-time at Wokingham before the end of the course!). Projects such as the development control project were very applied and gave me a taster of the job I do at the moment. The negotiation project has also equipped me with skills which I don't even realise I'm using when dealing with developers and the public, forming the day-to-day requirements of my job. All in all, a very well run course with excellent lecturing.