Fred Drabble

REP UG Quote BSc 3+1 Fred Drabble


The BSc Real Estate course gave me a fantastic grounding across the property disciplines and the Masters gave me a more in depth understanding of planning and development issues. Looking back, I think the Masters gave me additional flexibility to shape a more varied career. When I started my career, I began training as a Planning and Development Surveyor and became a Chartered Member of the RICS in 2007. With the Masters as well though, I was able to gain more core planning experience, which led to dual qualification with the RTPI in 2008. Planning has become more interdisciplinary in recent years, with issues such as development viability key in negotiations. To be a good planner therefore you need a good understanding across a number of fields and that is why I would encourage people to gain as varied qualifications and experience as possible. I know that it has helped me a lot.