Richard Preece

Executive Fellow

Richard Preece

Richard Preece

Strategic Management
Governance, Risk Management, Capability Development, Data Protection, Organisational (Cyber) Resilience


Richard  works with faculty and other expert contributors to deliver the GDPR Integration Programme. He works with clients in the areas of  strategy alignment to become more agile and resilient, to enable innovation and preservation of value, in the digital hyper-connected world. 

He is one of Henley’s Executive Fellows and has masters degrees in Design of Information Systems, and Management and Defence Studies.   He delivers customised training covering governance, risk management and developing capability to deliver data protection and cyber resilience.

Richard’s commercial background is in consulting on cyber risk and resilience and data protection.  This includes balancing innovation opportunities to grow value, whilst protecting organisation’s and personal data from the start.  His experience reflects working across multiple sectors in both the UK and internationally.  This has included providing outsourced Data Protection Officer services, as well as conducting a number of data protection and cyber based consultancy engagements, training programmes and exercises. 

Due to his work he was a co-opted core panel member of the recently published British Standard (BS 31111) Cyber Risk and Resilience – Guidance for Boards and Executive Management. He is now a co-opted panel member of the Governance Standard (BS 13500) Code of Practice for Delivering Effective Governance of Organizations.

His experience and qualifications are built upon a career of over 20 years in the British Army.   As a result of his earlier career he was selected and specifically educated (2 masters degrees and advanced command course) and then employed as a hybrid, who could straddle the strategic and operational environment and that of information technology, digital transformation, cyber security and data protection.

His first degree is in Modern History and Politics.  

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