Tariq Almontaser

PHD Student

Tariq Almontaser

Tariq Almontaser

Academic Area(s): Business Informatics, Systems & Accounting
Research Topic(s): The impacts of foreign commercial affiliations and managerial reconstruction on the Social Accounting Practices (SAPs) in Arab Spring Countries. With special regard on Libya

Areas of Interest

  • Social Accounting
  • Auditing and Financial Accounting
  • Fraud and Forensic Accounting
  • Tax Accounting


  • Almontaser, T., (2012) The impacts of electronic government on the performance of post graduates in Libyan higher education, the International Conference on Electronic Government www.egov2012.ly, Tripoli, Libya.


  • 2001- Master degree (Dissertation) in financial accounting – grade: very good - The Libyan Academy - Tripoli
  • 1992- bachelor degree in financial accounting- grade: high good- Faculty of Accounting at Al Jabal Al Gharbi University, Ghrian

Professional Experience

  • From 1997 till now, I work in “Almontaser Office” achieving many Jobs, such as preparing balance sheets, budgets, other financial reports for many European companies and subsidiaries.
  • I achieved many audit tasks as Libyan CPA in many local and European companies and subsidiaries.
  • In 2001 till now I have taught some of accountancy subjects in many Libyan Universities and colleges, among these subjects: Accounting Applications by Using Computer, Corporate Accountancy, Intermidiate Accounting, and I have participated in the development of their curriculums in Libyan academia.


  • Member, Committee of Certified Chartered Libyan Accountants, 1997.
  • Member, Corp Tax Alliance network (CTA), 2010. See Profile