Tian Han

PHD Student

Tian Han

Tian Han

Academic Area(s): Leadership, Organisations & Behaviour
Supervisor(s): Professor Abby Ghobadian
Research Topic(s): 'Are merger waves driven by sentiment? An empirical evidence based on textual analysis'

Areas of Interest

Tian is a doctoral researcher and PhD scholarship holder affiliated with the Henley Business School. His research is based in strategic management and focuses on mergers and acquisitions (M&A).

Tian examines to what extent market signals affect the bidding behaviours of serial acquirers. He particularly considers financial market signals and market sentiments as indicated by media coverage.

The received literature has addressed serial acquirers’ learning behaviours and decision-making processes almost exclusively by conducting qualitative research. This has led to inconsistent theoretical implications and fragmented research models based on subjective data and limited sample size. To provide more generalizable and robust findings, Tian applies a quantitative approach that relies on data-mining and textual analysis.

In essence, the study of bidding behaviours from a market signal perspective inheres the potential to significantly enhance thinking about M&A. The study’s results might serve practicing managers and consultants as guidance to anticipate the moves of competitors and to facilitate rational decision making in large corporations.

Research Interests:

Mergers and acquisitions, organisational learning, data mining, strategic management


MFin International Finance (Distinction), Adam Smith Business School, University of Glasgow (UK)

BSc International Economics and Trade, Shanghai University (China)

Conferences and Publications

Jia, L.J., Han, T., 2014, ‘A Comparative analysis of the intra-industrial trade between China and Russia’, presented at the Association of China Society of Emerging Economies 2014 Annual Conference, China.