George Minns

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I chose Reading because of the reputation the Real Estate department has in providing the best education and career prospects in real estate. I wanted to do the course because it mixed different disciplines including economics and law, and because it was unapologetically 'about the real world', not abstract or irrelevant to people, places and the economy. In my 3rd year the sub-prime crisis happened and suddenly property finance took centre stage in the global recession. We got to see just how relevant the subject really is! The course was hard work, but genuinely really interesting. I got involved in the Reading Real Estate Foundation and we put on a ball and some other stuff including casual evenings with guest speakers. I was offered a job at DTZ in my third year, but deferred it to be a student for one more year, this time doing the same subject at Masters level at Cambridge University. I now work in corporate recovery for DTZ in London which is a great place to be.