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  • The institutional role of middle level brokers in developing recycling practices

Rita holds a Bachelor degree in Architecture from Notre Dame University, Lebanon as well as a Masters' degree in Urban Planning from the Lebanese University. Her major research interest lies in issues related to urban planning, especially when it comes to solid waste management and its linkages to territorial governance, institutions and power.

In 2018, as part of her Masters’ degree, Rita completed a research internship in solid waste management and governance through which she was involved in learning and analysing municipal works and their solid waste treatment approaches and strategies. This has enlightened her to embark on this topic and go deeper in her understanding and research while being inspired by solid waste issues encountered within the Lebanese context.

Rita has also participated in multiple urban studies in her country. For instance, she conducted a fieldwork that deals with the problem of housing in Beirut, with a focus on tenants/veterans’ experiences in securing housing in the city and the danger of being evicted. An understanding and analysis of the history, stories, urban tissues of Beirut neighbourhoods and influences of real estate projects that are planned in these neighbourhoods, were retrieved through group field works and by interviewing residents.

In addition to her PhD research and studies, Rita is undertaking the role of the editorial administrator of the journal of Planning Theory.

Areas of academic interest

Urban planning and theories; solid waste management; urban transformations; governance and space; power-geometries; urban geography; sustainable development; urban design; architecture; climate change.


  • B.A. in Architecture, Notre Dame University, Lebanon (2010-2015)
  • Masters in Urban planning, Lebanese university (2016-2018)

Research grants

Henley Business School PhD Studentship


Farah, J., Nasr, R., Ghaddar, R., Wehbe, H., Nasr, E., Verdeil, E. (2019), 'Solid Waste Management and Local Authorities in Lebanon, Learning From the Field' (forthcoming)

Nasr, R. (2016), 'What if streets speak out? City Streets Transformations: Erection of Walls', Poster submission and presentation published in the proceedings of City Street Conference 2 held on the 9th until 11th of November, 2016 at Notre Dame University, Lebanon

Nasr, R. and Chalhoub, R. (2018) 'Badaro Main Street: Unplanned Dynamic Urban transformations', abstract submission published in the proceedings of City Street Conference 3 held on 31st of October until the 3rd of November, 2018 at Notre Dame University, Lebanon