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The Centre for intelligent Places is a Henley Business School inter-disciplinary research centre. A key focus of the Centre is to engage in research-led collaborative works with industry partners and commercialisation of innovative solutions to tackle today’s and future challenges for society and economy.

Our Vision is to create dynamic global thought-leadership on the role of digical (i.e. ‘digital-physical’) environments, to secure equality and sustainability in economic prosperity, resource use and societal progress. And, our Mission is to explore, examine and envisage sustainable ways of creating digically enhanced living environments, responsible businesses and resilient communities by co-producing data-led solutions to ever changing cross-territorial challenges.

The Centre is committed to addressing “real world” issues related to the virtual and the physical environments that shape economic and social activities at different scales. The Centre's value proposition lies in a wide range of academic offerings that effectively engage people, corporates and place-shapers. It will enable co-creation and co-use of knowledge through multi-disciplinary investigation bringing together various subject areas such as Economics, Data Science, Geography, Psychology and Information Technology etc. It will provide a unique evidence and resource base to shape more sustainable, prosperous and equitable places to live and work. Our ethos revolves around empowering people as data users to apply information intelligently. Our research framework actively promotes engaged citizenship and the co-generation of intellectual assets to benefit businesses and other actors in the long-term. See also our Brochure

We welcome the opportunity to work with businesses and public sector organisations to develop, co-create and co-produce collaborative research projects. We have designed a Partnership Portfolio scheme specifically to meet the needs and aspirations of all our partners. If you are interested in becoming a partner or would like to participate in Centre for intelligent Places research activities please get in touch with us today. You can find more details about our partnership offering by clicking READ more and going to our Download Section.

For any other enquiries please contact Prof Anupam Nanda, Academic Director, or, Mrs Edith Rigby, Head of Learning Resources at cip@henley.ac.uk.

Download Section

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Centre for intelligent Places – Partnership Portfolio Scheme - Connecting people and places intelligently in your world

How the CiP Partnership Portfolio works:


The Centre for intelligent Places (CiP) is a collaboration between corporates, public institutions, government agencies, academics, think-tanks, forums and third-sector organisations. Our main aim is to explore, examine and envisage sustainable ways of creating intelligent places of the future. By becoming a valued partner in the CiP network, we open up to you a wide range of opportunities to learn and collaborate with us.

Partnership details at a glance:


Sign up to become a CiP Patron to gain access to our optional academic engagement programmes within the wider Business School. Connect to all of our networks. Act as an intelligent Place Leader.


Sign up to become a CiP Corporate Partner to co-produce and collaborate strategically with our research centre. Connect to our networks. Help us to develop cutting-edge collaborative research projects to jointly submit and win research council, Innovate UK and/or EU funding. Act as an intelligent Place Ambassador in the knowledge economy.


Sign up to become a CiP SME Partner to gain access to CiP network infrastructure. Co-produce and collaborate with our academic experts. Connect to our networks. Create collaborative research project ideas. Act as an intelligent Place Co-Creator.


Sign up as a CiP Advocate to gain access to our CiP network infrastructure. Submit a potential research project. Connect to our networks. Act as an intelligent Place Supporter.

"Your opportunity to become an intelligent place shaper, to create, transform and enhance the places of the future"

To find out more go to our Download Section above.

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The Centre aspires to

The Centre aspires to
  • Become a knowledge hub for innovative insights and solutions;
  • Close gaps between industry and academia, policy and practice, social science and data science;
  • Foster a vibrant research community with peer-to-peer interdisciplinary research featuring pervasive wide stakeholder engagement.

The Research Focus

The Research Focus

With three quarters of the world’s population expected to be urban dwellers by 2050, the Centre’s contribution to the pursuit of sustainable and inclusive prosperity will focus on addressing major challenges in places where future societal, economic and resource demand changes will be generated and experienced. This will often need to create multi-stakeholder environments with symbiotic organisational relationships.

Why the Centre for intelligent Places?

Why the Centre for intelligent Places?

The Centre draws in academic researchers as associates from across the Henley Business School and other University units and disciplines to engage with real-world issues. Expertise and funding partners can be combined in various partnership constellations according to the changing requirements of specific external research needs.

Key Research Areas

Key Research Areas

Urbanisation/Built Space/Property

Urban Mobility/Transport

Urban Health/Social Care


Citizen Experience/Behavioural Change

Projects in Focus

Projects in Focus

Personalised Urban Living Solutions (PULS)

Under the PULS theme, we are undertaking several projects:

  • intelligent Care & Urban Living
  • intelligent Transport Solutions
  • intelligent Workplace
  • Personalised Shopping

Contact us

We welcome the opportunity to work with businesses and public sector organisations for collaborative research projects. We also offer CPD modules across relevant topic areas. Fill in a form to get in touch with us about how we can help you.


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Find out more

The Centre for Intelligent Places is a Henley Business School research hub. We engage in research-led collaborative work to tackle challenges for physical-digital interfaces in society and the economy, both today and in the future. For further information see below or go to our DOWNLOAD SECTION.

How we Engage?

Following outlines how we work with you collaboratively:

• We give you access to our cross-cutting multidisciplinary research.

• We connect you to our networks, including Henley Business School Executive Education network, the Henley Partnership network, the Henley Entrepreneurship programme, the Henley Business Angel Network (HBAN), the Vision2020 network, the wider University of Reading academic community and the extensive CiP research network infrastructure.

• We work with you in securing funding from various channels and link you to our partners and potential collaborators.

• We co-innovate with you to create new and enhanced products and services.

• We provide various business related training programmes and help you to realise your place-shaping goals.

Here are some examples of the type of research that we carry out within Centre for intelligent Places.

Research examples:

• How we value ‘built space’ considering the virtual as well as physical uses of such space and how can we best leverage digical value-added?

• What makes for a good place to grow old safely and happily? What association can be found between cognitive processing, individual preferences, and personal economic and living outcomes in old age? How will the ageing population affect economic and social dynamics within and between spatial territories and what will be the associated opportunities and challenges for business and government?

• What implications does financialisation of the property market and global capital flows have for local to global markets and for cities, urban areas and regions? What are the optimal forms, and ethical considerations, of financialisation in property markets?

• How do we provide better data and business connectivity within and between urban areas of different sizes and markets so that organisations can operate seamlessly through the physical and virtual worlds to maximise values?

• How can organisations and citizens optimise benefits from disruptive technologies such as pervasive computing, the internet of things and mobile technologies? How can we engage local communities more effectively in taking part in community development and local policy-making using technologies as an enabler?

The above offers up some of the challenges ahead no doubt your organisation will have many more. If you would like to share your thoughts and ideas please do get in touch with us today or fill out one of our "Expression of Interest" forms - See also our Download Section.

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The Henley Knowledge Hub provides access to a wealth of information, data, and specialist resource expertise spanning across a wide spectrum of disciplines within Henley Business School. By working directly with Centre for intelligent Places you can gain access to our various knowledge hubs.


The CiP Innovation Hub provides access to a wealth of information, data, and specialist resource expertise spanning a wide spectrum of disciplines within Henley Business School. By working directly with Centre for intelligent Places you can gain access to our various Innovation hubs.


Our Internal KTC Network


Centre for intelligentPlaces working collaboratively with Knowledge Transfer Centre (KTC).

Centre for intelligent Places (CiP) works across the whole of the academic community within University of Reading helping to connect our academic representatives with industry leaders. As part of our engagement process we work directly with the University of Reading Knowledge Transfer Centre (KTC) to frame up knowledge transfer partnerships. These partnerships involve industry academia and a researcher. The KTC provides cradle to grave support for joint collaborative innovation projects where knowledge transfer forms an integral aspect of any industry collaboration.

In recent times the KTC has increasingly got involved with other business related activities whether it be supporting an InnovateUK bid or applying for other funding on behalf of external businesses. This work stream has resulted in much more stronger relationships being built with companies. Companies are now beginning to reap the benefits of working with academia finding it much easier to engage with the University as a whole allowing them to quickly establish a good working relationship with resident academic experts on campus. Essentially, the KTC acts as a first point of contact for businesses other public sector organisations including NGO’s looking to share knowledge, expertise and experiences in order to further the knowledge economy. The KTC has successfully supported collaborations with businesses for over 30 years. Over the past two years the Centre has expanded the range and level of support provided to the business community.

Our current joint working partnership enables us to jointly deliver a whole host of services to the business community. We both work very closely with industry experts and practitioners to fully understand their business needs and to ultimately identify the right engagement approach for them. This may take the form of signposting either within the University or leading onto other external partner connections, or providing more direct support in developing collaborative research projects. We also help industry leaders to apply for funding working directly with our leading international academics in their respective fields of expertise. Independently both centres are able to offer a full range of support, from offering advice to full scoping of various projects including the management of any type of bid application process through to final project closure. Whether it initially be light touch advice, support on an application or full-scale research implementation support we are here to help and support your company or business activity. Ultimately, where there is an urgent need for overlap across centres we team up together to bring about best overall academic outcomes. This action ensures that there is always continuity in our approach across the full academic community. You can find out more about the work that CiP and KTC do including our engagement approach here: www.reading.ac.uk/working-with-business

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CiP Management & Researchers

  • Head of Product Design & Programme Delivery - Mrs Kerry Johnston
    • Tel: +44 118 378 8172 / Email: k.johnston@henley.ac.uk
  • Product Design Manager - Ms Lindsey Keys
    • Tel: +44 118 378 4191 / Email: lindsey.keys@henley.ac.uk


Cornelia Agyenim-Boateng;

Olayiwola O. Oladiran;

Matt Parker;

CiP Academics

Several academics with multi-disciplinary background from the Business School and the University play an active role in helping us to shape the research activities within Centre for intelligent Places. Their ongoing commitment and expertise enables us to engage with industry players and academia at all levels, whether this be either new or existing strategic relationships.

Agency Partners

The following Agency Partners and or third parties play a very active role in supporting the Centre for intelligent Places. We value the support and expertise that these partners can bring to our centres ongoing development, more importantly we recognise the extra value that they can create helping us to extend our reach across the commercial and public sectors. If you like to get involved with our research activities contributing to our ongoing development programmes please get in touch with us today at cip@henley.ac.uk.

Watch this space coming soon!


The following section outlines up and coming events in the future including previous events held internally or externally by Centre for intelligent Places.

Industry Launch Event - Henley Business School

Our Industry Day Event is being held on the 13th of September at Henley business School WhiteKnights campus. The above event is an opportunity for industry players to learn more about the transformative work that Centre for intelligent Places is currently involved in as part of its research agenda. Various industrial leaders will be presenting on the day highlighting some of the work curently being undertaken in conjunction with researchers across the Business School working in collaboration with Centre for intelligent Places and other third party commercial partners.

We hope to see you at the event in September. If you want to register please visit our online E-commerce store. Alternatively email us at cip@henley.ac.uk. If you require parking on the day please quote your vehicle registration number, make model and colour when sending your email confirmation.

Resources & Databases

The following outlines the potential resources and various databases we currently have access to as part of the Centre for intelligent Places.


Access to the following resources can be made available if research projects and partnerships are put in place with Centre for intelligent Places.

CenTUR - Research Papers

Horizon 2020 funding calls and Vision 2020: The Horizon Network

RCUK Funding calls

Executive Education - Training programmes including access to the ARC for Henley Members see more details below:


We have the following databases at our disposal:

Elsevier Scopus and SciVal databases now available

The University Library now offers access to the Elsevier Scopus and SciVal databases.

Scopus is the largest abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed literature and includes more than 21,800 titles from more than 5,000 international publishers. SciVal is a research intelligence tool that uses the data from Scopus to enable those interested in analysing research outputs, such as research division leaders, to conduct benchmarking, research performance analysis and assistance in the development of collaborative partnerships.

Contact Karen Rowlett for more.

More coming soon! watch this space.

Other Useful Information

The following section outlines other useful information we would like to share with you as part of our wider academic activities. This includes key research papers, presentations, and further details related to some of our research projects including any other miscellaneous information to assist you further.

Research Papers

The following section provides details relating to various research papers. This includes general research papers as well as relevant entries of the Henley Business School Discussion Paper Series. This series of papers exists to disseminate new research of academic distinction at an early stage of development by some our faculty members and affiliates:

  • Is Happiness Conducive to Entrepreneurship? Exploring Subjective Well-Being – Entrepreneurship Relationship across Major European Cities - Download paper
  • Regional and Product Diversification and the Performance of Retail Multinationals - Download paper
  • Economic Institutions and the Location Strategies of European Multinationals in their Geographical Neighbourhood - Download paper
  • Extending the Better Balance Model: How Psychology Could Help to Solve the Problem of Sustainability - Download paper
  • The New Real - Unlocking new gains through smart buildings - Download paper

More coming soon watch this space!

Important Note: Please direct any specific comments or questions to the corresponding author of the paper concerned or send an email to cip@henley.ac.uk.


The following sections provides details of some of our key presentations. This includes relevant internal University of Reading and Henley Business School presentations as well as some of our external partner presentations.

More coming soon watch this space!