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Working with industry

BISA recognises the importance of working with industrial partners in order to transfer our research outcomes and expertise to major commercial, industrial, and government organisations.

One of our main collaborations is with Hauwei. With them, we established the Information and Network Academy called HICTA. HICTA’s role within Henley and BISA is to promote communication across the academic disciplines of IT and business. HICTA also encourages students to engage with real ICT business cases. Further information can be found in the HICTA page.

Other Industrial engagements includes:

  • Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP) are government supported development projects that support collaboration between the University and local SMEs. BISA staff, with support from the Knowledge Transfer Centre, have extensive experience developing and supervising projects in range of subject domains. Current KTP Projects.
  • Consultancy- A range of consultancy services are available, including scientific computation, modelling and simulation, data analysis and data mining, enterprise content management, business process design and re-engineering, and the development of e-commerce and e-business solutions.
  • Tailored postgraduate programmes aim to meet the specific needs of customer. Deutsche Telekom, for example, developed a closed MSc programme (Enterprise Information Management) that has become best practice within the organisation.

Commercial Partner Collaboration is essential to the effective development of BISA teaching and research activities. Existing examples include:

  • Capgemini Consulting: The MSc Business Technology Consulting course was been developed due a strong partnership between ourselves and Capgemini. The continuing partnership's aim is to promote business technology solutions, and exploit the integration of information and communication technologies for business benefit.
  • Royal Berkshire Foundation Trust: We are working closely with surgeons and medical practitioners to research and develop practical solutions to current complex technical-social problems (e.g. improving patient safety, efficiency and cost effectiveness, patient focused service delivery). Many staff, PhD and MSc students are involved in high impact research domain.
  • PwC (previously Pricewaterhousecooper) is one of the world's leading professional services organisations, and is currently working with BISA, and the ICAEW, to offer the BA in Accounting and Business; a unique undergraduate degree programme to offer the fastest degree route to becoming a chartered accounting in the UK.

Please feel free to contact Daniel Gozman concerning any potential partnership or collaborative projects.